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Scammer Alert


This page was created because we got scammed and we want people to be aware of such scams. We created a video talking about the whole process. You can check out that video above.

Below are the scammers we know of:

Scams on YouTube

How to make $1000/DAY on UniSwap

Passive Income: How to make $1000/DAY on UniSwap?

Scammer’s Wallet (copy and paste this on Etherscan to trace all the transaction history)

This is the temporary wallet where all the victims’ ETH ended up > 0xd19face9046560c832cd85Bf63dB66BD9be91b03

Scammer then transferred ETH from the wallet above to these wallets >






Scam Websites

DID YOU TRY “PancakeSwap Front Run Bot 2021”? THEY SWITCHED THE CODE! SCAM!


How To Report Cryptocurrency Scams

Report fraud and other suspicious activity involving cryptocurrency to:

Do you know more scams on YouTube or scam websites? Drop us an email here.